Online Slot Machine Called Reactoonz

Online Slot Machine Called Reactoonz

When you play the Reactoonz slots game, you will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with a variety of extraterrestrial beings. These adorable insects populate an enormous 7×7 grid and disappear when you land groups of at least five of a type of the same symbol. Then, cascades occur, which may result in the formation of additional winning clusters.

Wild symbols, win multipliers, and a massive Gargantoon wild symbol are some of the additional elements that can be found in the Reactoonz online slot game. These characteristics assist to complete winnings over the course of many plays. It was developed by Play’n GO, and much like the company’s other products, it is completely compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices, in addition to desktop computers.

The slot machine game Reactoonz is known for its tremendous volatility and very high average returns of 96,000 percent. At the highest stakes, the extraterrestrial invaders might provide you an increase to your bankroll of up to 457,000.00 if you’re lucky.

Tutorial on How to Play the Slots Game Reactoonz

There is a charming cartoon aesthetic here, and the grid is populated by an odd and delightful assortment of rounded, square, triangular, and luminescent extraterrestrials. The lower paying symbols each have one eye, whereas the more valued aliens have two eyes apiece, and the gargantuan Gargantoon has three eyes. While he waits to be zapped into the grid, he is positioned in a transporter beam on one side of the game, while a Quantum Leap meter is located on the other side of the game. It is necessary to fill this with a sufficient number of winning symbols in order to activate extra features.

At the very best online casinos, you may choose to play with a stake as little as 0.20 per spin, or you can boost your wager via a number of different possibilities all the way up to a maximum of 100.00 by using a scrolling bar that is located underneath the reels. The range is rather large, so it should not be difficult for most players to select an appropriate betting level. When you press the tab with the yellow arrow, the reels will begin to spin on their own. Pressing the button labeled “I” on the other side will reveal the paytable, where you can see how much each cluster payout is.

In order to win, you need to land at least five instances of the same symbol that are related in some way, either horizontally, vertically, or in blocks. If it arrives in a cluster of 15 or more, the top alien awards a payout that is 1200 times your entire stake.

Bonus Games Available on the Reactoonz Slot Machine

The Reactoonz slot machine does not have any free spins rounds or progressive jackpots; yet, this does not imply that it is lacking in features in any way. On the contrary, there are a ton of bonuses in this game that may transform even the most routine round into a thrilling occasion.

For starters. It makes use of a feature known as cascading reels, in which winning symbols disappear and are replaced by fresh symbols that cascade down from above. If this causes further clusters to form, the cascades will continue to replicate themselves, and so on, until there are no more winning combinations to be found.

During the course of a sequence of cascades, winning symbols will add to the Quantum Leap meter. When the meter reaches a threshold of 25 symbols, a bonus feature will be added to a waiting list. After then, any bonuses are activated at the conclusion of the cascades. You have the potential to bring about any or all of the following:

Implosion causes anything from three to six symbols to explode into wilds. These may be used in place of any other to finish out clusters, but they will destroy any symbols that are next to them.

Demolition causes the destruction of all aliens with a lower value.

Incision: Wilds are arranged in a grid with diagonal lines that go from corner to corner.

Alteration: This feature causes all of the symbols with a lower payout to mutate into a single kind.

Cascades trigger the appearance of the three-eyed Gargantoon on the reels once the Quantum Leap meter reaches the top of its range. It starts out as a 3×3 wild but transforms into two 2×2 wilds on the next spin and then nine separate wilds on the spin after that.

Giantoonz may be generated from any cluster of matched symbols that is 2×2 in size. The value of every win that contains one of these wild symbols is increased by a factor of two. Other features include the Instability bonus, which, following a spin that does not result in a win, may put up to eight wild symbols wherever on the grid.

The Reactoonz Slots Game’s Highest Payouts, Return to Player Percentage, and Volatility

The maximum payout available in the Reactoonz online slot machine is equivalent to 4570 times the total stake, which comes to a nice 457,000.00 when playing for the maximum amount of $100.00 every spin. The average return to players constitutes 96% of their investment in the game, despite the fact that it has a high level of volatility.

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