Scope of Work – STTA (Short-term Technical Assistance)

Position Title:



Communications Manager

Period of Performance:

October 01, 2017 – August 30th, 2018



Working Remotely


Up to 78 days



The USAID Jordan Competitiveness Program (JCP) works with policymakers, business associations, and the private sector to: 1) draft and advocate for enabling legislation and regulation; 2) leverage these policy interventions to stimulate exports and attract foreign direct investment, especially to Jordan's specially designated development zones; and 3) ensure that these investments result in employment opportunities for Jordanians and, where appropriate, other residents of the Kingdom.

To these ends, JCP works closely with other USAID programs and relevant Government of Jordan entities to identify investment opportunities made possible by the Jordan Compact—which includes, among other stipulations, relaxed rules of origin for Jordanian exports to the European Union. By coordinating closely with the Compact's Program Management Unit (PMU), which is housed at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, JCP seeks to add value to the current efforts of the broader donor community.

With a range of activities and stakeholders, JCP places a premium on effectively communicating our progress, results and impact to our audiences. One such channel is through videos that capture our successes and ease accessibility to our various audiences.  To bolster JCP’s ability to fully capture its results in video, and to ensure that the impact of the program’s work is captured in real time, DAI seeks to engage a short-term videographer (hereby referred to as the Consultant) who will work with the Communications team, and technical team, to identify stories, draft concepts and storyboarding, conduct production work including filming and audio, and complete assignments with high quality editing for a refined, succinct, and in-depth film product.


The Jordan Competitiveness Program seeks to enhance the visibility of the Project’s activities and achievements through documentation in the form of video production. The purpose of this assignment is documenting JCP progress and impact through a series of short “Highlight Videos” that will be shared through USAID’s and JCP’s online media platforms. Longer feature stories will be produced that will go deeper within a story and capture it through multiple angles for a fully encompassing, engaging, and emotional story, told through video, photo and text. The Consultant will work closely with the Communications Manager to review and edit videos as necessary, ensuring accuracy and reflecting the context within which these activities have been undertaken; All film, audio and editing equipment must be provided by the Consultant and meet professional grade standards required for the look and style needed.

The Communications Manager will review all deliverables submitted by the Consultant as required by the scope of work for this assignment. Should adjustments in the direction, content, or quality of the work be required and deemed feasible, the Consultant will be informed of the changes needed within one week or five business days of receipt of the findings.


Tasks & Responsibilities:

The estimated monthly Level of Effort for all deliverables is 78 days.

  1. One action plan submitted with schedule: The Consultant will create an action plan, with the support of the Communication Manager within 5 days of signing the contract, which will include a schedule, a general scope of stories to focus on and delivery timetable.

Deliverable: one action plan with schedule

Estimated LOE: total of 2 days


  1. Six (6) JCP Highlight Videos: Produce 2-3 minute short videos that highlight specific activities and areas of the JCP technical work, either through interviews with beneficiaries, and/or stakeholders and partners to fully capture the scope and breadth of the work done, and produce it in a context that the end audience will response to and be engaged with. Work with the Communications Manager to develop a list of topics and production schedule, to be finalized within two weeks of commencing assignment and amended with additional topics as necessary throughout assignment.

    Deliverables: 6 “Highlight Videos”,  1 per month
    Estimated Monthly LOE (including shooting and post production): 5 days per video

Total LOE over 6 months 30: 30 days (includes two days preparation with team and identifying and developing stories together)

  1. Three (3) Feature Stories
    Produce three 4-5 minute videos with an in depth human-angle story, that focuses on the emotional aspect of a beneficiary and through it highlighting USAID’s impact. This story production will use high quality film equipment and lenses that are appropriate to create a specific look. The feature story will also include 15-20 high quality photos of the persons and issues discussed. In addition a brief success story will also be provided. For an example of the work and style envisioned please see this link for a story on a strawberry farmer supported by USAID. USAID style guide should also be followed.
    Deliverables: 3 Feature stories (one every 3 months/quarter)
    Estimated Monthly LOE: 4 days (12 days per feature story per Quarter) Total is 36 LOE days.


  1. Produce final video for JCP closing event in August

Produce a five to eight (5-8) minute video highlighting the achievements of the JCP Program over the course of its life, using historical footage, footage from production of deliverable 2 and 3, and original footage for the purpose of creating this final video. It is envisioned that this film will require less time for cinematography and production, and more editing time which is reflected in the proposed estimated Level of Effort (LOE). The film must be finalized by the end of July, 31st 2018.


Deliverables: One final highlight video

Estimated Monthly LOE (including shooting and post production): 2 days production and 8 days post production days

Total LOE for final film within July 2018 period: 10 days




Deliverables Schedule:

Deliverable No.

Deliverable Details

Due Date

Delivery Terms


Action Plan

Within 5 days of signing contract

By email to direct supervisor


Eight Highlight Videos

Within the first week after each month of work

By email to direct supervisor





Feature Story

One feature story per quarter, Within three weeks of completing shoot/production

By email to direct supervisor


Final JCP Video

To be submitted by July 31st, 2018 One 5-8 minute film capturing achievements of the program over its 5 year life

By email to direct supervisor



Education, Qualifications and/or Equivalent Experience

  • Excellent video, story-boarding, production, cinematography, editing, sound, mixing, color grading skills. Skills with graphics a plus.
  • At least 5 years’ experience serving in videographer and film production roles
  • All equipment must be provided by Consultant meeting professional standards required for the look and style needed
  • Well organized, precise, and creative
  • Demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to be a strong team player
  • A university degree in journalism, communications, public relations, public policy, development, or other related field
  • Experience in writing, communications, journalism, or public relations required
  • Past work with USAID funded programs or similar donor programs preferred
  • Must be fluent in English and have good working knowledge of Arabic


* Interested qualified candidates please submit your CVs via email to by Saturday, September 30, 2017